postTabs allows you to easily split your post/page content into Tabs that will be shown to your visitors.

The colors of the tab can be easily changed to match you theme

Tested on Firefox, IE6, iE7, Opera, Safari and Konqueror.

The tabs will look good on almost every theme. If you find a theme where the tabs do not work out of the box, please send me a link and Ill check it.


  • Download the package
  • Extract it to the “plugins” folder of your wordpress
  • In the Admin Panes go to “Plugins” and activate it


  • Replace the files
  • Go to Setting > PostTabs, choose a value to the new options and save it


  • Go to Settings > PostTabs (or Options > postTabs) to adjust the colors of your tabs.
  • Edit your post and page and add the code below wherever you want to insert the tab:
[tab:Tab Title]

All the content bellow this code will be inserted inside this tab, untill another tab is declared with:

[tab:Another Tab]

And so on.. untill the end of the page or optionally you can add the code bellow to end the last tab and add more text outside the tabs:


You can also have text before the first tab. Just type it as normal text…


First Tab

Nulla feugiat, dolor vel bibendum sodales, nibh lacus gravida nulla, id venenatis quam arcu feugiat est. Phasellus aliquam elit nec felis elementum et porttitor nibh interdum. Mauris sit amet dictum erat. Fusce lectus ipsum, egestas et ultricies sed, luctus nec ipsum. Sed faucibus feugiat urna, quis dapibus eros auctor nec. Mauris nec orci nec mauris scelerisque posuere. Mauris ac mi tellus. Ut venenatis dolor in sem lacinia egestas. Maecenas lacinia risus vitae mauris mollis blandit. Nunc fermentum iaculis elementum. Vestibulum convallis eleifend ante. Pellentesque ut nisl risus. Maecenas volutpat velit cursus augue facilisis ultrices. Aliquam erat volutpat. Praesent fringilla nunc urna. Quisque vulputate molestie lorem, a luctus urna accumsan nec.

Tab with image

Tab with video

YouTube Preview Image


  1. An example of the text on the editor window and the live result

  2. The admin options page where you can set the colors with a colorpick and have a instant preview